Marine Cathodic Protection Systems

Hychlorator Electrolyser reburbishment.

Many vessel's are equipped with a Hychlorator system, of which a leading manufacturer is Daiki Engineering of Japan.

The Hychlorator system is used for the electrochlorination of seawater used in a vessel's seawater cooling system as well as other seawater systems in use on off-shore and industrial plants.  It works by producing Sodium Hypochlorite from seawater as it flows through an electrolyser fabric of anode>cathode>anode  which are connected to a current source.

The Sodium Hypochlorite produced has the effect of sterilizing the salt water, thereby eliminating any marine growth and biological compositions that can otherwise damage and foul cooling system and other seawater based system components.

MVA can provide a full inspection and refurbishment of the Electrolyser component of this system, providing a cost-effective and timely alternative to returning the unit to the original manufacturer for repair.

picture: Daiki Hychlorator Electrolyser

A Daiki Hychlorator delivered to us for refurbishment



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