Marine Cathodic Protection Systems

Anode refurbishment and replacement.

Using our own in-house expertise, along with our highly skilled and equipped business partners, MVA are able to provide cost effective and quick turnaround refurbishment or replacement of the anodes used in  most leading Electrochlorination and Cathodic Protection Systems.

Whether they are titanium anodes, stainless steel, copper, magnesium, etc we can provide you with an inspection and report back to you with suggestions for repair, or when necessary, complete replacement, all at very competitive prices.

 picture: Anodes requiring replacement
Picture showing two anodes from a total of eight removed from a vessel's electrochlorination system.  The top unit showing extensive pitting and corrosion is unsalvageable and needs complete replacement.  The bottom unit may possibly be salvaged due to some highly skilled welding.

picture: refurbished titanium anode

Electrochlorination system titanium anode after replacement, machining and mixed metal-oxide coating.




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